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Mountain leading.


Our trips.

After a few years exploring Scandinavia, Spitzbergen and Greenland, my desire for coherence leads me to offer you today hiking and bivouacking trips in the Alps.


In 2018 and 2021, alongside the mountain leader and muleteer Philippe Guyot, I discover the pleasure of hiking with mules. Our companions are agile, powerful and peaceful at the same time. They allow us to experience the incredible pleasure of bivouacking in the mountains and of roaming on multiple days; they take us back to those not-so-distant times when trade in the mountains was made possible largely thanks to the mules, allowing salt, cheese and meet to be taken from one valley to the other via high mountain passes. Philippe patiently taught me the language of the mules and how to take care of them, so that I can in turn offer you mountain trips off the beaten track.


Our trips

2023 Trips.

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