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Between lakes and mountain pastures of Queyras
from August 1 to 5, 2023

Day 1 - After preparing the packs and packing the mules, we leave Château-Queyras for our first stage. It will be relatively short in order to get us going, and will take us to the edge of the Lac de Roue where we will set up our first bivouac under the larches!


Approx. 2h30 walk / 600m. D+


Day 2 - Today, a serious stage awaits us. We fold our camp and take the height towards the Col de Péas. Located at the foot of the Pic de Rochebrune, it offers us a magnificent view over the whole of Queyras. We switch for a night in the Briançonnais, where the Fonts de Cervières await us to pitch our tents.  


Approx. 6h30 walk / 1,020m. D+ and 820m. D-


Day 3 - Our companions, the mules firmly saddled, we climb to the Col de Malrif then descend to the Grand Laus lake. Surrounded by thousands of fluffy cottongrass, we find a nice place to set up camp. Nestled on the shore of the lake, we take advantage of the afternoon to read, contemplate, doze, dream...  

Approx. 4h walk / 950m. D+ and 300m. D-


Day 4 - This day begins with a descent through the mountain pastures to the small hamlet of Lombard. We take advantage of the magnificent landscape that surrounds us, the Queyras is offered to us. Then, we go up through the forest and end up off the trail in the Vallon Cros, which will host our camp for the night. There, no chance of meeting a hiker! But perhaps we will be lulled by the distant sound of bells of a flock of sheep...  


Approx. 5h walk / 850m. D+ and 650m. D-


Day 5 - After breakfast, it's time to gently return to civilization. We cross mountain pastures, meadows and inhabited hamlets to find the path that leads us to Château-Queyras, where our cars are waiting for us. It is then with a head full of memories that we leave each other!


Approx. 4h walk / 150m. D+ and 1300m. D-

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