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Journey. Exploration. Change.

Erica Bonnet-Laverge.

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I see in my role as a mountain leader and as a consultant in collective intelligence and shared governance one single coherence. It is to support growth, exploration and change, at individual and collective levels, by combining exchange, confrontation of insights, pleasure and benevolence

Erica Bonnet-Laverge

The connection.

Three key symbols: the mountains are the scenery of our journey together; the constellation of stars is the encountering of individuals and worldviews; the cardinal points show the sense and direction we take and co-build. 

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How we started.

Holding a political science diploma, I coordinate humanitarian and development projects for 10 years in Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe. In parallel, as a qualified Mountain Leader since 2018, I explore Norway, Sweden, Spitzbergen, Greenland and of course the Alps and their incredible diversity.

“Following your trace, tracing one’s path, leaving an indelible trace in my memories. THANK YOU for everything”

Isa, Explorer

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Recent trips.


The High Plateaus of the Vercors Regional Park

From May 27th to 29th, 2023, Gaëlle, Gilles, Eléa (7 years old) and Paul (9 years old) immerse themselves into the magic and simplicity of a multiday hiking trip with mules and a couple of nights under the stars. With them, Adrien and his two kids, as well as three other people  came to discover such a special way of traveling in the Alps. "A beautiful week-end in a beautiful place shared with beautiful people" (Gaëlle). Those words are for me the most precious present.

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