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About me.

Exploring with humility, embracing discomfort, pushing my limits to better progress, making connections between people, creating together but most of all differently, in support of meaningful projects and towards a world respecting the Earth and the Human being visiting it. This is what stimulates me, as a mountain leader or as a consultant in collective intelligence and shared governance.

Erica Bonnet-Laverge Self Portrait

My Story.

Holding a political science diploma, I coordinate humanitarian and development projects for 10 years in Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe. In parallel, as a qualified Mountain Leader since 2018, I explore Norway, Sweden, Spitzbergen, Greenland and of course the Alps and their incredible diversity. 


Combining these two professional careers with enthusiasm, I have the desire since 2020 to anchor myself locally, to align my professional endeavours with my personal beliefs, to support and lead meaningful projects contributing to our transition, both individually and collectively. 


“Coherence” is the word guiding my path. 


Diploma and Training certificates:

  • 2010: Master’s degree in « International Organisation » at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po), Grenoble 

  • 2014: Training certificate « Evaluation of the quality of humanitarian action », Groupe URD, France 

  • 2018: French State-registered Diploma of mountain leader (in French, ‘Accompagnatrice en Montagne’), France

  • 2019 - Training certificate “Mountain medicine training (theory)” by IFREMMONT, Chamonix, France

  • 2021 - Training certificate “Shared Governance: managing an agile organisation” by Instant Z, France

  • (Ongoing) Training “Supporting transitions” by Alter’Coop, France

What I do.

I'm all about creating connections between people and supporting their individual and collective exploration and development - whether that's in your spare time or in your work. 


I explore my passion for the outdoors and the mountains through my mountain leader’s work. In the summer, I now organise mule trips in the beautiful french alps, combining hiking and bivouacking in the wild. For our meals, I only use produce from organic agriculture or local farmers. 


I support transition projects by offering consultancy services in collective intelligence or shared governance. I believe in the fact that progress and change are as much an individual path as a collective adventure.

As a mountain leader, I take you hiking and bivouacking in wild areas of the Alps. We are fully autonomous thanks to our companions, the mules, who give the rhythm to our journey. We savour local and.or organic produce, and I make my best to ensure all trips are “zero waste”. 


At the heart of my approach: simplicity, contemplation, respect of the Earth and pleasure of being together and confronting our insights on life.


I support enterprises, not-profit organisations and local public actors in reaching their objectives by offering a range of methods and tools of collective intelligence and.or shared governance. Through training, workshops, seminars, public meetings, I create the conditions for exchange, debate, production of ideas in order to collectively define the vision, the priorities or the model of governance which will be key for successful transition projects.

Mountain Trip Bonnet-Laverge

“Thank you for your positive spirit, your dynamism, your smile, your professionalism”


Happy customers.

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