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I support enterprises, not-profit organisations and local public actors in reaching their objectives by offering a range of methods and tools of collective intelligence and.or shared governance. Through training, workshops, seminars, public meetings, I create the conditions for exchange, debate, production of ideas in order to collectively define the vision, the priorities or the model of governance which will be key for successful transition projects.

Intelligence Collective

What drives me.

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, water and soil pollution, finite fossil resources, we are individually and collectively led to deeply question our production and consumption habits and to rethink our way of being into the world and of inter-acting. At the heart of such dynamics are humans, with different insights which - when confronted in a constructive manner - often bring meaningful and unifying ideas, generating a new energy of working together.


Each project is unique, whether by the actors it brings together, the dynamics initiated, the stage at which it is or even by its profoundly innovative character. Thus, each collective intelligence process is unique. 

I invite you to contact me so that we can specify your needs together. I will offer you the most suitable methods and tools to address them, all with pleasure and stimulation for the participants. 

Workshops & seminars

You are a not-profit organisation or a company and you would like one-off or long-term support? Brainstorming sessions, moving debates, bono hats technique, the 4 dials, the majority consultation, there are many tools allowing you to work and create together in a stimulating, inspiring and effective way! Not to mention everything related to shared governance, if your team has chosen to explore this new field of possibilities.

Public meetings

You are a local authority and you are looking for an external facilitator for an upcoming public meeting between local actors? World café, open forum, graphic facilitation, a range of methods and tools are available to you to consult the various stakeholders, co-construct a vision, define key indicators, all in a friendly and efficient atmosphere.

Team building

Whether it's summer or winter, I offer you the greatest combination of collective intelligence sessions and outdoor activities in the mountains. Supporting reflection on fundamental subjects for your structure, defining a vision for your project, facilitating effective teamwork, promoting cooperation, strengthening links between your staff... The recipe for increasing the enthusiasm and motivation of your team as essential parts of a meaningful collective dynamics.

Intelligence Collective

“Thank you for your good mood, your dynamism, your smile, your professionalism”

Marie Claire

Happy customers.

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