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On the Drôme paths to the foothills of the Vercors
from May 18 to 21, 2023

Day 1 - After preparing our pack and packing the mules, we set off on the Drôme paths! We rise gradually to the Col de Lus, where we will set up camp after a short stage.


Approx. 4h walk / 665m. D+ and 340m. D-


Day 2 - First awakening in the tent, perhaps we will hear herds of sheep grazing peacefully not far away. After a good breakfast, we dismantle the camp and off we go to explore the village of Glandage and Les Sucettes de Borne. At the end of a beautiful day's walk, a final climb takes us to the Refuge du Tour, where we set up our 2nd camp.  


Approx. 5h30 walk / 780m. D+ and 820m. D-


Day 3 - Our journey continues through mountain pastures and forests. The foothills of the Vercors approach and beautiful limestone cliffs dot the landscape. We cross herds of sheep, well guarded by the famous patous which testify to a revival of the profession of shepherd since the return of the wolves in our dear massifs! After crossing the village of Les Nonnières, we go back up towards our last bivouac.  


Approx. 6h walk / 1020m. D+ and 920m. D-



Day 4 - After a short climb, we enter the Vallon de Combeau and soon walk along the impressive ridges of the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors. A wonderful way to end these 4 days together, before returning to our cars with a shuttle transfer.  


Approx. 3h30 walk / 590m. D+ and 550m. D-

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