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Prices & practical Information.

The high plateaus of Vercors with the family
from June 4 to 6, 2022

Technical level:  


We adapt the rhythm of the hike to the pace of your little ones, and not to the rhythm of the mules which - even loaded - generally move faster than us bipeds! This roaming stay requires a little hiking experience for your children, with a day of up to 400 m of positive elevation, 570 m of negative elevation and 10 km. We progress mainly on good trails, but some off-trail is to be expected.  


Rate :    


360 € Adult price 

330 € Child rate   


This price includes:  


  • The supervision service of a mountain guide

  • All catering costs during the stay, except breakfast on Day 1 and dinner on Day 3;

  • The transport of luggage by mules, within the limits of the volume instructions given, and weight (8 kgs);

  • A 3-person tent for 2 people or for 1 adult and 2 children (single tent possible, for an additional €30 for the stay);

  • An inflatable mattress;

  • A large tepee and tripod seats for our evening meals.


This price does not include:


  • Transport to the place of the meeting on the 1st day; 

  • The sleeping bag for the night; 

  • Cancellation insurance and repatriation assistance;

  • The possible supplement of €30 for an individual tent;

  • Day 1 breakfast and Day 3 dinner;


Equipment needed:  


  • We provide each with 1 travel bag, marine style, in which you will store your belongings for the week – Max weight / pers. for personal belongings: 8 kg to be transported by mules.

  • A 20-25L backpack for your day's hiking gear, and its waterproof over-bag.

  • A mountain sleeping bag (0°C comfort);

  • Walking shoes and good socks - avoid leaving with new shoes!

  • Sandals, or other light shoes for the evenings.

  • Comfortable clothes for walking and warm clothes for the evenings.

  • Gore-Tex type jacket and rain cape (it can still happen!).

  • Gourds 2 liters minimum.

  • Protection against the sun: hat, bucket hat, sunglasses, sunscreen...

  • Electric or headlamps.

  • Toiletry kit adapted to “rustic” comfort conditions and respectful of the environment (prefer natural products bought in organic stores) - Wipes and a small canvas bowl can be appreciable.

  • Lighter, to burn toilet paper and leave no trace behind!

  • Personal pharmacy, including blister protection - The guide has a collective pharmacy, for all “serious” problems, but no so-called “comfort” treatment.


Note concerning health problems: It is the responsibility of each of you to inform the guide before departure of any medical problem (allergy, medical history, reaction to certain medications, etc.), and to take if need the medications that are specific to you.

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